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Massachusetts Residential Solar Energy Rebates & Incentives

Massachusetts Solar Energy Rebates & Incentives for State & Federal

Massachusetts homeowners are currently able to take advantage of a variety of federal and state incentives to increase the savings associated with installing solar power. Also, Massachusetts offers additional incentives called Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs, see below)

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The federal government provides a Tax Credit for 30% of the system cost for homeowners. This tax credit can be used starting immediately and rolled over until 2016.

Residential Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit

Massachusetts allows a 15% credit -- up to $1,000 -- against the state income tax for the net expenditure of a renewable-energy system (including installation costs) installed on an individual’s primary residence.

Massachusetts Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption

Massachusetts law provides that solar energy systems are exempt from local Massachusetts property tax for a 20-year period. This incentive applies only to the value added to a MA property by an eligible system, according to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

Massachusetts Renewable Energy Equipment Sales Tax Exemption

Massachusetts law exempts from the state's sales tax all solar and other renewable energy power systems.

Earn money in Massachusetts with your Solar System

For every 1,000 kWh that your solar system generates, you earn 1 Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC), regardless of whether the power is used by your home or sent back to the utility grid. An average home with a solar system produces 10 RECs per year. These RECS are traded on an open market and can generate thousands of dollars of additional income.

Reduce your electric bill in Massachusetts to $0 per month

Massachusetts solar energy increases your home value

The value of your home will increase once it has a solar power system. How much? About $20,000 for every $1,000 in energy reduction costs per year. Moreover, thanks to favorable federal laws, this home value increase will not increase your property taxes. For example, if your current electric bill is $5,000 per year and your system provides 100% of your energy needs, the value of your home after the solar installation will be $100,000 more than before installation.

Improve the environment with Massachusetts solar power