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GeoPeak Energy is your #1 partner for solar energy, Pennsylvania! solar energy companies in PA, Pennsylvania solar energy, Pennsylvania renewable energy, PA solar energy, solar energy in Pennsylvania, solar energy companies PA, Pennsylvania alternative

GeoPeak Energy is your #1 partner for solar energy, Pennsylvania!

GeoPeak Energy offers a remarkable opportunity for its solar energy Pennsylvania customers. Right now you can get up to 65% off the price of your solar installation by choosing us as your partner for a new, renewable energy lifestyle. Call us right now at (888) 526-4428 to get connected with one of our solar experts, free and with absolutely no obligations. We will show you how to get a solar power system that provides for all your energy needs at a fraction of the cost you might imagine.

Pennsylvania is a highly viable state for solar energy, receiving as much sunlight in summer months as Florida and other sunny states. No wonder the state is third in the nation for operating solar installation, with more than 3,000 systems installed to date and the same number underway. Pennsylvania is rapidly developing a dedicated following of residential and commercial solar power pioneers that are starting a revolution in clean energy for our beautiful state.

Get the best team and equipment for Pennsylvania solar energy

GeoPeak Energy has become one of the highest rated solar energy companies in PA by using only the highest efficiency solar panels, inverters, and construction hardware for years. Your solar power system will act like a power plant installed on your roof for a guaranteed output of 25 years, so cutting corners on quality and performance is just not an option. We put our in-house installers through rigorous training and certification programs to ensure that you will get a system that performs for the long run.

Furthermore, we put you at the cutting edge of solar technology by giving you access to Net Metering, which allows you to monitor the solar output of your home or business conveniently online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You need a solar team that is committed to an installation that will hold up to decades of the wind, rain, and snow Pennsylvania throws at us.

Moreover, you need a professional design team that uses the latest photovoltaic modules in creative and elegant designs that are sculpted to the layout and aesthetic of your home. Take a look at our samples of work to see how much attention we pay to the cosmetic appeal of our customers' solar power systems.

Why the Pennsylvania renewable energy rennaissance is happening now

Starting with solar hot water users who started the trend in the '70s, right now the PA Sunshine Rebate Program, the Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program, and a range of federal universal service funding options are creating a landslide of interest in solar. These funding sources combine with tax credits that will grant you up to 30% of the money spent on insulation when you file your returns in April. On top of all that, Renewable Energy Credits that will generate thousands of dollars a year in income for your family--for years to come!

However, these incentives will not last forever. More than 130 MW of solar energy in Pennsylvania is set to be installed by the end of 2011, which means The current cycle of $100 million in funding for residential solar projects and $80 million in funding for commercial solar projects will go only to those who act fast. This first come, first served situation for Pennsylvania renewable energy demands immediate action to take advantage of the financial rewards you deserve for this environmentally responsible power solution.

See why we're ranked among the best solar energy companies in PA

We are just as concerned as you are about the rising energy costs in Pennsylvania. Like all Americans, Pennsylvanians are looking for alternative and progressive forms of energy to take a stand against the old, fossil fuel solution for powering their home or business. PA solar energy not only eliminates your electric bill, but also the need for foreign resources and the emission of harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gas that jeopardize our health and our beautiful ecosystem.

Compare us to the other solar energy companies, PA!

GeoPeak Energy will be there for you from your first phone call until years in the future to help you take full advantage of solar energy in Pennsylvania. The revolution fueling PA renewable energy is just starting, but those who get in first will get the greatest benefits. That is why it is so important you call us right now at (888) 526-4428 to start your new Pennsylvania alternative energy life.

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