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GeoPeak Energy: the best Pennsylvania solar partner you can find! residential solar power Pennsylvania, PA solar power, Pennsylvania solar power, solar power Pennsylvania, PA solar, Pennsylvania solar installers, PA solar installers

GeoPeak Energy: the best Pennsylvania solar partner you can find!

GeoPeak Energy is a worldwide provider of solar power with special offerings for customers serviced by our Pennsylvania solar offices. Call us right now at (888) 526-4428 to get a free, exclusive consultation from one of our solar experts. With our acclaimed North American Board of Certified Energy Providers (NABCEP) certification and full service customer care team, you will get all the information you need in just minutes with absolutely zero sales pressure.

We can offer you a detailed plan on the same day for how we can save you 35% right off the cost of installation by getting access to the Clean Energy Funding Bill's $100 million funding commitment. We will also make sure you get another 30% off by using federal subsidies covered under the National Reconstruction Act. Add in the funds allocated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for its Weatherization Assistance Program, and you can get up to 65% right off the top of your installation costs right now.

Getting PA solar power has never been so easy

Leave everything to us. With residential solar power, Pennsylvania customers will get access to our years of experience processing applications and processing. This ensures you get all the benefits you deserve while contributing the beautification and preservation of Pennsylvania's breathtaking environment.

However, these PA solar power benefits will not last forever. With each installation, limited federal and state funding runs lower. That is why it is absolutely critical you call us right away at (888) 526-4428 to take advantage of these financial awards while they last.

Eliminate your electric bill with residential solar power, Pennsylvania!

Did you know that 30% of your home's energy goes to just heating water? Already, thousands of Pennsylvanians have made the switch to solar water heaters. GeoPeak Energy has vast experience in this process and can design and install a beautiful, renewable hot water heating solution for your residential or commercial property.

Better yet, we can use Net Metering to allow you to store energy saved from sunny skies today for cloudy skies tomorrow. Imagine being able to log in to a web-based control panel and check up to the minute your home or office's solar energy production! We are one of the only Pennsylvania solar installers capable of providing you with this service reliably--contact us now to see a demo of this amazing system.

Pennsylvania solar power pays for itself in just a few years!

We can ensure that you will save thousands of dollars every year in energy cost without having to resort to less effective conservation tactics such as low flow shower heads, tank and pipe insulation, low output lighting, and limited use of air conditioning and heating appliances.

Our Pennsylvania solar power customers have responded extremely positive to our offerings in this great state. The average home or business energy system pays for itself in just 3 to 5 years, after which the free and renewable energy keeps providing financial rewards for the entire 25-year, guaranteed life of the system.

With solar power, Pennsylvania can stay as beautiful and clean as it is now--forever

All energy on Earth already comes from the sun. The problem is that most of that energy is currently being exploited by mining and extracting fossilized plants and animals from under the surface of the Earth. This 19th century method of producing energy causes air pollutants and particulates that choke the skies and greenhouse gases that are raising the planet's temperature to unsustainable levels.

The rising rate in asthma and natural disasters is a cogent reminder of the need for a smarter, renewable solution. When it comes to American initiatives in solar power, Pennsylvania is one of the most viable and critical states in the US. Become part of the solution now and be at the forefront of a new energy source for a new generation. Thousands of PA solar pioneers have already joined this list of visionaries, and are now benefiting financially and health-wise every day as a result.

State and federal support for PA solar installers--take advantage with GeoPeak Energy!

This is thanks in part to the Pennsylvania government's forward-thinking Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Act from 2004, in which the state took the initiative to make 18 percent of our retail electricity come from renewable sources by 2021. A full 800 MW of this is scheduled to come from solar energy--the equivalent of 8,000 households. This is a great start for residential solar power, Pennsylvania and beyond!

Another major motivation for this change in Pennsylvanians' energy sources is the Department of Energy's Million Solar Roofs Program, which seeks to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, save your tax dollars, and create a cleaner environment in PA and the rest of the United States.

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