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GeoPeak Energy: your #1 installation partner for the PA sunshine program! PA energy rebates, Pennsylvania energy rebates, PA solar incentives, PA energy tax credits, Pennsylvania solar incentives, Pennsylvania sunshine program, Pennsylvania solar rebate

GeoPeak Energy: your #1 installation partner for the PA sunshine program!

GeoPeak Energy is a full-service solar power integrator proudly serving Pennsylvania residents to help our state increase its use of alternative energy. As a PA sunshine program-approved PV installer, we can ensure you receive the PA tax credit for solar power, federal tax credits and subsidies, and the highest rated solar equipment installed on your home or business at a 60-70% discount.

However, with the groundswell of interest in the Pennsylvania sunshine solar rebate program and more than 3,000 projects underway at the moment, with just $100 million in funding for Pennsylvania homeowners and $80 million available for business owners, only the first ones to sign up will get their full share of the PA solar grants.

Capture the PA energy rebates while they last!

Call us now at (888) 526-4428 and we will put you on the line with one of our in-house NABCEP-certified solar experts. We will make sure you get the full benefit from the PA solar energy program. Coupled with our world-class solar designers and installers, getting a solar power system discounted by PA energy rebates will be the best decision you make all year.

Not only will you be providing your own free energy year-round amid rising energy costs, but you will also be contributing to a greener, healthier Pennsylvania. The environmental and financial future of Pennsylvania depends on you--let us help you make a positive change for the next generation.

Our history of success with the PA solar incentives

Our full-service staff has been regularly handling all the details for Pennsylvania energy rebates for years, and can ensure you get the necessary permits for your project without having to spend the time researching and cutting through the red tape. We provide this as a service for commercial, residential, low-income residential, and agricultural applicants who want to use the generous PA solar incentives available while they last.

Residential Pennsylvania solar incentives offer an impressive $0.75 per Watt in PA sunshine grant funding, which can be as much as $7,500--35% right off the top of your installed system. Commercial customers have an even greater incentive, with $0.50-$0.75 per Watt available in PA solar rebate program funding up to a generous $52,500. Solar thermal is also a very popular option with the Pennsylvania sunshine program to offset heating costs, with up to $2,000 available for residential projects and $20,000 for commercial. Just call us to find out exactly how much money you will receive for going solar.

The importance of following exact guidelines with Pennsylvania energy rebates and Pennsylvania energy tax credits

GeoPeak Energy makes sure your project satisfies all of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) specifications and requirements involved with the PA sunshine grant program. One mistake can jeopardize the success in being granted Pennsylvania sunshine solar rebate program money, so we pay fanatical attention to detail. Every specification is critical, including the output of the system, type of solar equipment, the certification of the equipment, metering requirements, connectivity specifications, and efficiency standards.

As for PA energy tax credits, federal funding is currently the most lucrative source, giving you 30% off the price if your system follows all the federal guidelines. We will also assist you with the process of filing your tax forms according to the many IRS specifications.

Making you an income of thousands per year with renewable energy credits, Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania renewable energy credits currently offer an incredible incentive for you to install solar power right now. The Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) is promoting solar energy in our state by requiring that electricity utilities provide a certain percentage of their energy from alternative sources. Currently, they are nowhere near providing this percentage, and are instead buying Pennsylvania renewable energy credits from homeowners and businesses that provide alternative energy to the grid with their own systems.

This means you can use electric generation suppliers as a source of thousands of dollars of income up to the life of your system. Every time your solar power system generates a kW of energy (about once a month for most systems), you will gain one alternative energy credit (AEC), which you can then sell online in an auction system. GeoPeak Energy sets up the net metering on your home to ensure you see the exact performance of your system year-round, and know exactly when you receive these credits.

Make the Pennsylvania sunshine program work for you today!

Call GeoPeak Energy today, toll free at (888) 526-4428 to make sure you take full advantage of the Pennsylvania solar rebate while funding is still available. We will offer you our expert advice with absolutely no obligations--our interest is in helping PA stay beautiful while moving towards a 21st century energy alternative energy solution.

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