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GeoPeak Energy: New Jersey's #1 provider of NJ solar incentives assistance!


GeoPeak Energy has helped utility customers throughout New Jersey dramatically reduce or even eliminate their electric bills for a significantly reduced cost by taking advantage of generous rebates and tax credits. We offer you a full service, in-house team of nationally certified solar experts to guide you through the whole process. Call us right now at (888) 526-4428 to find out if you are eligible. You will get our undivided attention and receive free, no obligations advice.

These incentives are available for the installation of residential and commercial solar power systems for a limited time.However, due to budget cuts and an overload of applications, these rebates are in decline. The NJ solar rebate has gone from $3.25 per Watt in 2008 to just $0.75 in 2010.

Exclusive GeoPeak Energy Rebate: NJ Solar Incentives to Replace and Exceed the State Rebate

Because of our commitment to the expansion of solar power in New Jersey, GeoPeak is offering its own private rebate to customers who miss out on the NJ solar rebate. Our rebates are guaranteed to exceed those from the state. This means that you can still install a solar power system for your home affordably, without having to worry about entering your application with the State among thousands of others.

NJ Solar Incentives: How They Work

The NJ solar rebate can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per application, all of which come from the NJ Office of Clean Energy. The office allots a generous (but limited) amount of cash rebates per watt of installed solar power to a number of applicants every few months. The application process can be quite intimidating, meaning you need a company with the necessary knowledge and experience to get them for you. There are a number of rebate programs that can reduce the cost of your installation. The COOLAdvantage Program, ENERGY STAR Homes Program, Energy Star Product Rebates, and Home Performance with Energy Star Program are just some of the dozens of programs available for you. GeoPeak Energy will help you find out which programs are available for you to get the most affordable pricing for your home solar power system.

SRECs: The Most Lucrative NJ Solar Incentive

There is one incentive program in New Jersey that can provide monetary benefits that exceed the NJ solar rebate. It comes in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or "SRECs". SRECs are generated by owners of solar power systems simply for powering their home or business with solar power. These SRECs are currently traded on an energy market for around $600 to $700 each in New Jersey, and are paid out for every 1,000 kWh of energy your solar system produces. They can generate an income of thousands of dollars a year for your family or business, and will typically earn around $100,000 over the 15-years of SREC sales allotted by this program.

Federal Solar Incentives: Get Them While They Last

In addition to the NJ solar rebate, there are also lucrative federal tax credits for solar power. The federal government provides up to 30% of the value of your solar system for qualified buyers. GeoPeak Energy ensures that you receive this rebate to offset the cost of installation. All things considered, with GeoPeak Energy your solar power system will pay back its own value in about 4 years even without the State rebate. After your system pays for itself, SREC sales and a reduction in your electric bill of up to 98% guarantee that your GeoPeak solar power system will give your family a huge source of financial income.