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If you are a homeowner in New Jersey you should think about making your home solar to save on your energy costs. In today's climate you can take advantage of government solar rebates and creative $0 down solar lease options to reduce the costs and start you on your way. Below are various topics which we cover and provide information for that can help make your decision easier. Should you have any questions or want to receive more information, please fill out our Solar Consultation form and member of our professional staff will be happy to assist you.

NJ Solar Panels

Choosing the right solar panels in NJ is important

Solar panels are currently priced very affordably in the market, and the cost can be lowered further by federal and state incentives. Your NJ solar panels will be producing power on your roof for more than 25 years – choosing the right NJ solar panel model can increase your energy production and maximize profits over the life of your NJ solar system.

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NJ Solar Installers

Choosing a New Jersey solar system installer plays an important factor.

It is imperative that when you install a NJ solar system, the process is done right the first time to avoid failures. Such failures can range from performance issues such as reduced power output to fire hazards, electrical hazards, leaks, or structural hazards. You may not notice the inadequacies in your system until the second or third year, by which time it might be too late to get have your installer repair the problem. Spending a little more on a quality company initially can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance over the duration of your solar systems' life.

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New Jersey Solar Incentives

Why New Jersey has some of the best solar incentives

New Jersey currently has an excellent financial environment for going solar. In addition to the 30% tax credit offered by the federal government, the state of New Jersey fosters a strong trading market for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), which are awarded to every homeowner who installs solar, based on power production and provides significant income. Find out more about financial incentives for installing solar in New Jersey

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