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Going solar means installing a power plant on the roof of your home. As with any construction project, it is imperative you choose the right team for the job. GeoPeak Energy is the highest-rated New Jersey solar installer in terms of customer satisfaction, inspection quality, and solar performance. Call us today at (888) 526-4428 to get a free survey and affordable price estimate for your home or business. There are absolutely no obligations and you will not get any sales pitch from us.

It is imperative that when you install a solar system, the process is done right the first time to avoid failures. Such failures can range from performance issues such as reduced power output to fire hazards, electrical hazards, leaks, or structural hazards. You may not notice the inadequacies in your system until the second or third year, by which time it might be too late to get have your installer repair the problem. Spending a little more on a quality company initially can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance over the duration of your solar systems' life.

Therefore, it is best to make your decision on which solar company you will choose based on more than just price. In fact, the price is merely one of the twelve issues you should consider about your solar energy company before they begin any construction on your home.

1) Ownership vs. Leasing: Will I own--or lease--my solar power system?

While some companies offer a lease program to "get solar for free," you actually end up taking an additional lien on your home for the solar power system. Meanwhile, the installer takes the thousands of dollars of income your system generates every year in SRECs. The only benefit to you is a reduction of a few hundred dollars off your electric bill per year; moreover, a lien is placed on your home to cover the system.

The other danger with getting a solar power installation for “free" is that the company usually has to cut corners on quality to make a profit. They may hire incompetent or uninsured installers, install shoddy solar panels that last only a few years, or both. This results in a poor installation that will not last, is physically unappealing, and can even damage your roof and home.

2) Testimonials: Who can vouch for the quality of your work, and how can I contact them?

Every reputable solar installer should have a healthy list of satisfied customers who praise their work. You should contact a few of these references and listen to their success stories firsthand.

Also, check into the company's reputation. Do a Google search or call your local township office and ask about the company. Township inspectors can be helpful too--they can check the company's filings, reputation, and tell you whether they are or have ever been subject to lawsuits or formal complaints. Also check for the installer's name in the NJ Clean Energy Program at

3) Will you file the paperwork, and train me in how to make money selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)?

If you own your solar panel system and go through the necessary procedures, you will get to make thousands of dollars a year off the sales of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Your solar installer should take you through all the steps to understand and take advantage of these valuable credits, which you can sell to receive income for up to 15 years.

You will get an SREC for every 1,000 kWh of electricity produced by your solar power system. Combined with state and federal rebates and tax credits, this is a great way to ensure your solar power system will pay for itself. If done right, the system will actually pay for itself within 3-4 years.

Value-added services such as brokering SREC sales is one way a company shows its commitment to its customers. Top solar providers will never leave you in the dust after a sale.

4) Can you guarantee the quality of the solar panels you are putting on my home?

The best solar companies are strategically partnered with top solar panel manufacturers to provide the highest quality components. There are many factors that separate high quality panels that will efficiently generate power for a long time from poor quality panels whose mediocre output may fail in just a few years.

Generally, customers do not think to ask for high quality solar panels. You should know the performance, warranty, and longevity of the panels being installed in comparison to all other brands available. Make sure the solar company can prove the quality of the solar equipment they plan to install.

5) In-house Teams vs. Hired Guns: Do you employ a fully qualified, fully trained, in-house team?

Only top competitors in the solar market can afford to hire and train their own installation team. Many companies employ installers that claim to know the solar installation process, but may not have received formal trainer and appropriate licensing. Make sure your choice of company hires and trains their own installation teams to assure a mistake-free, professional installation that lasts.

6) Do you custom design the solar panel system to best fit my home?

Every home is unique, and every family deserves a custom-designed, custom-built system. Make sure your solar provider designs a system that fits the specific needs of your home instead of just adapting a basic framework that "makes it work”. Your company should have in-house design engineers with extensive experience in customized renewable energy solutions.

7) Can you guarantee the long-term performance of my solar panel system in writing?

The company should give you a guarantee with the proposal about exactly how much electricity the system will generate. This guarantee needs to be in writing. If the company is not confident enough to do this, you have no reason to be confident in their work.

8) Will you monitor the performance of my system and alert me when there are problems?

Most top solar companies now provide online monitoring of system output. This is your first line of defense against potential power losses and other problems. Your company should monitor this information to assure your system is producing power correctly, and be able to send out a repair team to your location to find and replace and faulty components.

9) Will my solar power system compliment the beauty and aesthetics of my home?

A lot of equipment goes onto your roof and into your home when you go solar: panels, racking, flashing, and more. While your system is designed to save you money and help the environment, you should also be happy and proud of its appearance too. Top companies take both efficiency and aesthetics into account when designing the system.

10) Can the system warranty guarantee at least 80% of production capacity for 25 years?

Your solar installer should guarantee the performance and life of the solar panels they intend to put on your roof, in writing. The minimum guaranteed output should be 80%+ for 25 years on panels, in addition to 10 years for inverters.

11) Are you fully licensed and insured?

Solar energy companies - New Jersey or otherwise - should be fully insured and licensed. Proper solar installation training costs and takes weeks or months, but many companies choose to skip this step and put unqualified, unlicensed workers on your roof.

12) Is the entire process handled by an in-house task force?

A truly qualified solar energy company will never use subcontractors or freelance installers. They will also have their own in-house designers and in-house clerical and accounting staff to handle the maze of paperwork required to get all the incentives available to you. They should be committed to your investment and provide after-sales service whenever you need it.