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GeoPeak Energy Serves Firmenich’s Sustainability Goals across the East Coast

April 1, 2011 - Firmenich Inc. has partnered with GeoPeak Energy to expand Firmenich’s renewable energy initiatives as part of their sustainability program.

Firmenich Inc. Plainsboro, New Jersey- GeoPeak Energy recently delivered one of the largest high efficiency solar systems on a parking garage at Firmenich Inc.’s North American headquarters. GeoPeak Energy provided an innovative solution where the top level of a parking garage was converted into one large solar array that captures the sun’s energy to deliver clean renewable energy. The system is comprised of thousands of high efficiency SunPower panels and Multiple Satcon Inverters. The system also qualifies for the global top 10 most densely installed high efficiency solar arrays.

Firmenich Inc. Lakeland, Florida - GeoPeak Energy is constructing a solar energy system using SunPower’s T10 Solar Roof Tiles. The T10 Solar Roof Tile is SunPower’s flagship product with a unique design that combines the solar panel, frame and mounting system into a single unit. It is also known to produce more energy in an area or weight-constrained region compared to any other roof mount solar panel on the market. The self-ballasted system will eliminate the need for any roof penetrations, making it the first of its kind in central Florida.

Firmenich Inc. Newark, New Jersey - GeoPeak Energy is constructing solar parking canopies to provide covered parking while supplying the electricity generated into their newly constructed manufacturing plant. GeoPeak Energy planned for and accommodated complex site requirements to deliver this engineering solution. In addition, rooftop solar is being deployed across the campus to supply the respective buildings with clean, renewable power. These renewable energy systems are designed using Sanyo’s HIT highest efficiency panels.