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Benefits of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has a positive environmental impact, unlike conventional energy sources.

The benefits that make renewable energy superior to conventional energy sources includes the reduction of greenhouse gases, carcinogens, or carbon dioxide, while using non-exhaustive resources.  Utilizing renewable energies to replace conventional energy sources will also reduce the waste produced from the mining, transportation, storage, and other common power production methods.

Current conventional energy sources will not be able to grow sustainably to meet the rising demand of global electricity usage. Using renewable energies as a source of fuel will reduce the deterioration of our land, air, and water, which will allow future generations to live in a clean environment.

Economic Benefits

GeoPeak Energy offers turnkey solutions that encompass every aspect of delivering Renewable Energy. We plan, develop, finance, implement, and maintain solutions for companies across the globe.

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The benefits of renewable energy extend to stimulating the economy and creating job opportunities. The money that is invested in renewable energy is typically spent on materials and staff that build and maintain equipment instead of importing energy.

Over the years, the world has become more dependent on depleting natural resources. Utilizing renewable energy will help to alleviate the many issues related to this dependence. Renewable energy also allows for consumers to hedge against future electricity cost increases.

Environmental Benefits

Greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels is the foremost detrimental factor to a sustainable future. Sustainability experts across the globe concur that using renewable resources to generate electricity, along with efficient energy usage, will be a major part of the solution. Solar and wind electricity provide clean, renewable energy with minimal environmental impact.

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30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar
The Federal government offers a 30% tax credit to help offset the implementation cost of renewable energy solutions.
Federal Incentive: Accelerated Depreciation
Under the Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System, businesses may depreciate their system on an accelerated schedule.